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2 months to 1 year old group

Babies should be nurtured and cherished. In this small environment, the growing baby is encouraged to explore and discover his / her environment whilst being given love and individual attention throughout the day.

1 to 2 year old group

An intimate group of 6 toddlers.  This playgroup-like exciting environment is filled with love and fun. Tots are encouraged to discover a friendly world of fun, games and music whilst absorbing everything around them. Independent use of the bathroom is begun at this age. Individual stimulation and attention are guaranteed.

2 to 3 year old group

This is a small group of up to 8 children.  It is a happy, fun filled   environment providing individual attention and stimulation. The small group enables the young in  child to gain independence at an early age. Independent use of the bathroom is actively encouraged. The Montessori adage of “help me help myself” is encouraged throughout the pre-school.

3 to 6 year old group

In this multi-age group, children are enticed to academic and personal excellence.  Much the same as at home where  siblings differ in age and learn from observing each other, Maria Montessori encouraged groups of children differing 3 years of age learn together. Our Montessori programme is structured to suit children of all ages and backgrounds whilst catering for each individual child’s desire to learn. The purposeful exploitation of the child’s most sensitive years enables and ensures vast absorption of information from the stimulating environment.

Grade R

This group operates within the larger group but with the addition of more structure. As the Montessori environment provides equipment for individual advancement, children are encouraged and guided to realize their optimum  potential before transferring to more traditional institutions.

The Waterkloof Montessori programme makes  provision for

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